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We are a group of eco-adventure service providers here to serve you. We work together to help make your visit to the eastern shore fun. We can suggest hotels, B&Bs, places to eat, shopping off the beaten path and indoor and outdoor activities on the Eastern Shore. We can arrange day trips during your ocean stay or coordinate 3-4 day adventure trips customized to your liking.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Planning a Trip to Historic DelMarVa from Overseas

This is a freelance article sent in by site reader Sally Port. 

Planning a trip to Historic DelMarVa from Overseas

The history, culture, and landscape of DelMarVa and Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester make it a joy to explore, as anyone who has visited can tell you. Whether it’s stepping back in time by visiting historic sites, tasting the delicious local cuisine, or getting into the great outdoors by hiking a trail or going on a long walk along the beach, here, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Better yet, this is an eco-friendly area, one that works with nature and brings the visitor closer to it. Additionally, this is a land that is almost “off the map”, as it were, one that is out of reach of the homogeny that has captured the majority of the United States. Here, it is different. Here, you can visit a real version of America. Here’s how you can do it if you’re coming from abroad.

Getting Here

DelMarVa and the counties of Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester might not yet be on your radar, you might not have even heard of it, but you will know it soon! Getting here is a breeze; we might be ideologically a galaxy away from elsewhere, but in distance terms we’re pretty close. We’re just a 2 hour drive from Philadelphia Airport and Baltimore Airport, 2.5 hours from Dulles International Airport in Washington, and 3.5 hours from New York City. From those places, it is straightforward to DelMarVa. Though there are some long-range buses that stop in the region, it is much easier to have a rental car, especially as you’ll need one to make the most of your trip once you’re here.

Pre-Travel Tips

DelMarVa is a unique place, and you’ll want to spend as much time as possible exploring the area once you get here. As such, it’s advisable to take care of the logistical business before you fly, especially as you might end up some distance from the services you need once you’re here. This means exchanging your local currency in to US dollars before you fly, ensuring you have printed out any hotel bookings or car rental agreements, and buying adequate travel insurance, especially if you’re planning on doing any rigorous hiking while here. Also, pack wisely. What you bring will depend on the season, of course, but general advice is to bring warm weather clothes if visiting in the summer and layers and waterproof clothing during the cooler winter months.

Where to Stay
Where you’ll stay depends on many factors, including which places you want to visit, budget, and how many people are travelling in your group. With so many hotels, inns, and B&Bs available, you’re sure to find the perfect place. If you have any extra cash to play with, try and spend at least a couple of nights in one of the historic B&Bs of DelMarVa as they’re pretty special.

What to Do
Like everything else, what you get up to depends on many other factors, such as your interests, whether you’re travelling with children, and how long you’re spending in the DelMarVa counties of Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester. Here are a few starting points to get your trip going.

Assateague Island

Assateague Island is a must do for visitors to DelMarVa. An adventurers dream, the island is famous for its feral horses, birdlife, lighthouse, and number of fine beaches. It’s also a great place to spend the afternoon exploring, with plenty of coves and bays. Bring a camera and have fun!

There are plenty of places to hike in these counties, so make sure you pack your hiking boots! There are dozens of sites waiting to be explored, so see what pulls you in on the day and dive right in.

Hit the Water
DelMarVa boasts some of the best fishing in the United States, so it’d be rude not to get out on to the water and try to come some for yourself. If you’re not a fisher but still want to get out there, rent a kayak or boat and spend a leisurely day away from shore.

Chesapeake Forest
While here, make sure you stop by Chesapeake Forest, a beautiful area where you can hike, canoe, bird-watch, fish, and hunt. In the winter, and if weather permits it, try your hand at cross-country skiing – it’s a beautiful spot for it, and it will provide a calming, utterly unforgettable experience.

Tourism and Chambers of Commerce Offices
Be sure to check out the tourism offices of Worchester, Somerset and Wicomico Counties as well as Chambers of Commerce for great recommendations for places to stay, eat and play or visit the links on this website.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Thank You Letter

                                                                                                                                February 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:
                I met Mr. Stanley Shedaker of Adrenaline High at a Maryland Recreation and Park Association conference in 2007. Since I am always looking for speakers for my Explorations Unlimited program (speaker series designed for senior citizens but open to all),  I asked if he would be willing to be one of my guest speakers and he agreed.  In January 2008, Mr. Shedaker came to the Greenbelt Community Center to speak to speak at the Exploration Unlimited speaker series.  He gave a slide presentation about kayaking and all the possibilities of combining kayaking, biking and camping with his company, Adrenaline High.  All those who attended this presentation were senior citizens.  Those who were present thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and were ready to try kayaking for themselves.
                The Greenbelt Senior Center holds an annual outdoor senior picnic and in 2008 the picnic was held at our own Buddy Attick Lake Park.  After Mr. Shedaker’s presentation, I  asked if he would be able to join us at our picnic, bringing his tandem kayaks, to let the seniors experience kayaking in their own back yard.  He agreed.  We had about 30 senior citizens and a couple of younger individuals with disabilities come to the picnic and they had the opportunity to kayak on our lake.  This was so well  accepted and enjoyed by all, that we have invited Adrenaline High back again for this year’s picnic in May.
Because the senior citizens had been introduced to kayaking in a safe, non-threatening environment, they were all excited about trying it on the Eastern Shore.  A kayaking trip on the Eastern Shore with Adrenaline High as our guide was planned and this trip took place in September, 2008.
                Working with many senior citizens who are in their seventies and eighties, I was uncertain if I would be able to get enough interest for a kayaking trip, so I opened the trip to those eight and above (children had to be accompanied by an adult).  I was quite surprised that half of those attended were in fact senior citizens.  Of the 14 individuals attending we had one nine year old, two individuals in their thirties, three individuals in their forties,  one fifty year old, one 67 year old, five individuals in their seventies, and one who was 81.  The trip was so well received that individuals are asking when we will be going back.  I’m currently planning another trip.
                The kayaking trip on the Manokin River and Jones Creek was wonderful and the food following our kayaking was exceptional.  Adrenaline High was very attentive to all the participants and their guides were very knowledgeable and helpful.  We are looking forward to our next trip with Adrenaline High. 
                I have to admit that first having a presentation about kayaking, then being able to experience with it close to home were both great opportunities to introduce the senior citizens to a new experience.  This relieved their fear of kayaking and many were quite enthusiastic about kayaking more.  Traveling to the Eastern Shore and having Adrenaline High offer us such an enjoyable trip was indeed memorable and worth repeating. 
                If anyone else is wondering how to get over the fear and uncertainty of kayaking, particularly for older adults, I strongly recommend doing as I did, have a presentation first,  then a hands on demonstration and finally a trip.  You’ll be surprised at the response you’ll get.

Karen Haseley, CTRS
City of Greenbelt, MD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tommy Burdett has been an Orvis endorsed fishing Guide/Instructor at some of the finest resorts in Garrett County on the Western Shore. Now he’s decided to apply his skills and considerable knowledge here on Delmarva.

(Including Fly Fishing)

Call Tommy Burdett for more information and reservations.

Or E-Mail Adrenalinehigh@Comcast.net

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Suits You
1) Kayaking Tour
2) Biking Tour
3) Ghost Tour
4) Winery Tour
5) Brewery Tour
6) Artist Studio Tour
7) Antique Tour
8) Kayak Fishing, Fly Fishing Tour
9) Nature Tour
10) Heritage Tour
11) Aqua Culture Tour
12) Organic Farming Tour
13) Other Tours or Details
You tell us what you would like to do, and we will customize it for you!
look us up at www.adrenalinehigh.com

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sittin’ On the Dock of The Bay…

Sittin’ On the Dock of The Bay…
Old Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse set to host Second Annual Summer Wine Festival

Annapolis, Maryland
Crisfield, MD 21817) is proud to announce the second annual “Wine Fest on the Bay”
event, featuring many international wine sets, entertainment, and other family friendly
activities. Set to stage on
support the “Women Supporting Women” organization

For press inquires, or to schedule an interview, please contact Morgan McLoud,
morgan@chicpr.com, or Kristin McMahon, 443.866.4449,

About Old Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse
Opening summer of 2009, Old Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse (
made a name for being one of the best “summer destinations” on the East Coast.
Recently, the Tiki Bar has become its own establishment, named Crisfield Tiki Bar & Girll.
Since opening, Jerry Hardesty, has taken on a serious role in bettering and benefiting
the surrounding community of Crisfield. Located just steps from the docks, the
restaurant and Tiki Bar is positioned at a unique historic waterfront, and offers nearly 300
seats for parties of all sizes including a robust banquet area.
Coupling food and atmosphere that is virtually unparalleled with other restaurants in the
area, Old Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse is known for their unique takes on classic dishes
and local favorites, including “old-bay wings”, crab pretzel, and a crab feast package
that pulls its inventory from local crabbers in the area.
www.oldcrisfield.com) has
Structured to be a fun-filled and informational event, the afternoon will include wine
tasting from renowned domestic and international wineries. Such labels at the tasting
will include: Sterling Vineyards (California), Casa Lapostolle (Chili), Beaulieu Vineyard
(California) and more. In addition to the afternoons wine sessions, Old Crisfield Crab &
Steakhouse will also feature food and entertainment; all of which is paired with the
breath taking views of the restaurants water front location.
$15.00 admission per-person includes a wine glass and wine tasting. Food and drinks will
be provided a-la-carte.

For more information on the event, please call 410.968.2722 or
(July 6, 2011)Old Crisfield Crab & Steakhouse (204 S. 10th Street |Saturday, July 30, 2011 from 3pm-9pm, the daylong event willhttp://www.womensupportingwomen.org/).

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Word is out. Landmarks creates a wonderful hardcover book which it places in nearly 8,000 hotel rooms. The “Landmark’s of Ocean City and Delaware Beaches” is hot off the press and ready to help tourists Discover the Hidden Treasures Delmarva has to offer. Destination Delmarva is fortunate enough to have a three page spread. Fran Severan a local travel writer wrote an intriguing introduction for the spread.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Come join us at Frontier Town with an exclusive pass that includes an all day water park admission and a 2 hour Nature Kayaking tour. It is fun for the whole family.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wicomico's Geocaching Dash June 11

On June 11 a group of about 323 people gathered together for Wicomico's Geocaching Dash. 50 of these people did a water paddle at Barren Creek and found the water cache. Barren Creek Cache was sponsored by adrenaline high. For those interested in more Geo caching Adrenaline High has a outpost for biking and kayaking in Vienna at the Nanticoke Inn. There is a Captain John Smith Cache hidden on there property near the soft landing for the kayaks on the Nanticoke.Link

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Geocache Dash

Add some adventure to your 2011 summer by taking part in the Geocache Dash.  This free, family-friendly event will kick-off a new geocaching virtual trail that takes cachers to 22 exciting locations across Wicomico County. 
Join the Wicomico County Convention & Visitors Association along with Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism on Saturday, June 11.  The day will begin and end at Pemberton Historical Park (5561 Plantation Lane, Salisbury, MD). 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sailing Adventures in Delaware

Feel the wind, enjoy the water and sun as you sail on Rehoboth Bay. Expand your summer fun with a sailing charter on the bay near Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach and Ocean City. Sail or anchor on a sandbar and enjoy the water and sun. A sunset on Rehoboth Bay is an experience not to miss.
Jon Plowman
Licensed Captain

Email:  jon.plowman@comcast.net

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nanticoke River Jamboree

Celebrate the 1st Nanticoke River Jamboree

On Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25, join us as we celebrate the history, culture and natural wonders of the Nanticoke River.  Sign up for one of our the special overnight packages,  or spend Saturday at Handsell House, enjoying music, food, recreation and educational activities.

Premier Jamboree Experience

Enjoy a guided trip down the Nanticoke River on Friday, June 24, an overnight camping experience at a pristine natural site and several biking or paddling experience on Saturday,  June 25. Learn more about the trips and how to register here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You WBOC for Featuring DelMarVa

Skipjack Races & Festival

Skipjack Races & Festival
September 4th  & 5th 2011
at Deal Island Harbor

Parade, Car Show,
Music All Day &
Dancing Under the Stars,
Oyster Sandwiches, Crab Cakes,
Local Arts & Crafts Vendors
Skipjack Race, Boat Docking
Swimming Races
Sponsored by the
Deal Island-Chance Lions Club

for complete details or Bill Sailer 410-784-2785
Or Fred Peak at 410-784-2799

Friday, March 18, 2011

White Haven Bed and Breakfast

In 1995, the 19th century Whitehaven Hotel was saved from the wrecking ball through the cooperative efforts of local residents, the Maryland Historic trust and by those captivated by its charming location in a riverfront Eastern Shore village at the Whitehaven ferry, minutes from the Chesapeake Bay. The Hotel, now one of the last of its kind, provided lodging for travelers crossing the Wicomico by horse to Quantico, Salisbury and Princess Anne and by steamship to ports as far as Baltimore.

The Hotel is nestled on the shore of the Wicomico River and is about 25 minutes outside Salisbury, MD. Please refer to our Contact Us page for location details, driving directions and Ferry hours. Other Eastern Shore attractions such as Ocean City, Chincoteague Island and the Assateague National Seashore are also short drives away.

The Hotel has eight guest rooms. All Hotel rooms have private baths, two have access to the second floor screened porch and two have working fireplaces. Two kayaks are available at no additional cost for guests. Room with a View, a gift shop offering one-of-a kind, hand made Eastern Shore crafts, is open on the first floor of the Hotel (Shop is open Wednesday through Sunday). Boaters: hotel guests may dock at the Hotel's dock. Gift certificates available.

Seachaser Cruises

Call Captain Bob Culver for reservations ~ 410-430-9079

Monday, March 7, 2011

Evolution Craft Brewing Company

Evolution Craft Brewing Company is a small batch brewery located in Delmar, Delaware. We are excited to share our beers with our friends and fans- each one has been developed with you in mind. A variety of styles and creative twists keep our juices flowing and we can’t wait to raise a pint with you!

In 2009, Tom & John Knorr joined forces with brewmaster Geoff DeBisschop of Boston, MA and Chef John Scheckells to create the Evolution Craft Brewing Company. They took over an old grocery store on Bi-State Blvd in Delmar just a few miles north of Salisbury, MD. With a passion for creating great beers, they are on an adventure of beer evolution!

The excellence of our beers is the result of our pursuit of extreme quality and resourceful experimentation. We sell various beers at the brewery in Growlers. Because we want you to recycle (and drink more beer!) we will fill you up for just the cost of the beer each time you bring back the empty growler. We hope you will bring your growler back clean so we can get you set up for your next tasting adventure.

Please follow our latest adventures on Facebook or Twitter!

Friday, February 18, 2011

DelMarVa Birding Weekend

The Delmarva Birding Weekend is a unique opportunity for wild life enthusiasts to visit this region which is so rich in bird species - both local and migratory. This event was developed by a diverse group of non profits and local businesses to help promote ecotourism on Delmarva.

To find out more contact us at:
104 West Market Street, Snow Hill, MD 21863
410-632-3110 -or- 800-852-0335

The Delmarva Birding Weekend is sponsored by Delmarva Low Impact Tourism Experiences (DLITE), a coalition of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies dedicated to strengthening and promoting low-impact tourism on Delmarva.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

CVC Helicopter Service, Inc.

C.V.C. Helicopter Service, Inc. specializes in eco-tours, sightseeing tours, sunset flights, aerial photography, birthdays, graduations, wedding proposals, weddings, anniversaries, and countless other special events.  We pride ourselves on bringing something unique to fundraisers, corporate events, videos, and movie productions.  The services C.V.C. provides are only limited by your imagination! 
C.V.C. Helicopter Service, Inc. has been offering an unparalleled helicopter experience out of Darlington, Maryland and the surrounding areas of the beautiful Susquehanna River and Amish country for 30 years.
Our wonderful staff  treats you like family, while taking pleasure in the enthusiasm resulting from your helicopter experience.  Safety is C.V.C.’s top priority for our employees and our adventure seekers, as our predominately military trained staff bring over 200 years of combined flying experience.  Each staff member of C.V.C. Helicopter Service, Inc. shares the vision of complete customer satisfaction.
C.V.C. Helicopter Service, Inc. has expanded into Delaware offering the same outstanding service that C.V.C. has offered northeastern Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania residents and visitors for the past 30 years.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fenwick Wine Cellars

Delaware’s newest farm winery, located just off of Rt 54. in Fenwick Island, just west of Smitty McGee’s and next to Mio Fratello’s Italian Steakhouse.

There is a certain sense of unparalleled fulfillment and purpose that comes from seeing the fruits of one’s labors literally grown from the ground up. This is the driving force that would propel Adrian Mobilia back to his roots, and inspire he and his wife, Shannon, to open Fenwick Wine Cellars.
 Mobilia is a fourth generation farmer, growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, an area of Pennsylvania rich in the traditions of agriculture. He was raised on his family’s 200-acre farm that consisted mainly of different varieties of grapes, apples, cherries, and peaches. Mobilia learned the family trade early, and enjoyed it so much, that he would continue on to study horticulture at Penn State. When Mobilia left the farm for college in the mid 90’s, the family business was well on its way to what would become the next successful venture. In 1980, they had already begun pressing their own grapes, and by 1989, the juice was going direct to wineries. The wheels were then set into motion for the Mobilia family to open their own winery.

Working alongside his father Nick, planting Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Chambourcin, Pinot Grigio, and Merlot grapes, to the already existing varieties, Adrian Mobilia helped the family winery come to fruition. In 1999 the first bottle of the Mobilia family winery was produced, bottled as Arrowhead Wine Cellars. The winery added another facet to the already existing strong family legacy of farming.  At Fenwick Wine Cellars, the roots do indeed run deep. The Mobilia’s invite you in, to be a part of something that has been grown for generations, from the ground up.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patriot Environmental


Building Business-Aligned Sustainable Solutions

Our goal at Patriot Environmental, LLC is to become the leading provider of environmentally-friendly technology that reduces our customers operating expenses and provides the opportunity to defer capital expenditure. We accomplish this for our customers by applying technology that reduces their carbon footprint in sustainable, measurable, and most importantly, affordable ways:
“You can't manage what you can't measure.”
Our products and services are available for both commercial and residential applications.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Destination DelMarVa Meeting 2/3/11

Destination Delmarva
Make Delmarva A Destination
Pot Luck Lunch Thursday February 3 2011
If you are interested in tourism and making Delmarva a destination and not just a place to pass through, don’t miss this meeting.  There will be food, planning and a lively discussion.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lower Shore Chamber of Commerce

Be part of creating the future for your business! Be part of the cohesive marketing between members, build partnerships, package deal sharing, technology utilization and other B2B initiatives.

Our first meeting will be held at the Pocomoke Diner on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 6 pm. The Diner is located at 1701 Market St., West Pokomoke, MD.

The founding members will decide the direction. For now, it is a consortium of businesses supporting and promoting economic growth and scalability, community enrichment through partnership initiatives. Below are highlighted 2011 Annual Events to check out:

Events of Interest

3/25 Hollywood on theShore
4/4 Shore2Shore Cruise Season Begins
4/15 Pork in the Park Salisbury
4/28 Delmarva Birding
5/14 Strawberry Fest Crisfield
5/15 Tangier Island Cruise Season Begins
5/29 Softshell Crab Fest Crisfield
6/17 Delmarva Chicken Fest Salisbury
7/4 Freedom Fest Crisfield
7/27 Annual Pony Swim Chincoteague
7/23 Clam Bake Crisfield
10/1 Wine @ The Beach Ocean City
10/8 Oyster Festival Chincoteague
10/13 Chesapeake Celtic Fesitval Snow Hill
11/5 Lower Shore Outdoor Recreational Expo

The Crab Place

Maryland's Original Online Seafood Provider Serving Crabs via the Internet since 1997
Greg and Matt Cain sell fresh Maryland seafood caught daily by local watermen. Their unique packing and delivery process keeps their crabs fresh, and their customers satisfied. In 2005, Greg and Matt invited Rebecca Gareis Bent into the CrabPlace.com family. Rebecca, a Baltimore native, is a food photographer and cookbook author. Greg, Matt, and Rebecca have been crabbing since they could walk, and they still have fun pulling them in and teaching their kids how to fish and crab. They also take great pleasure in serving up CrabPlace.com seafood products and sharing their passion for Chesapeake Bay foods and the shore lifestyle.
"Our many satisfied customers know we pride ourselves on delivering fresh seafood from our dock to your door, and to your table. We are committed to ensuring that our service is as outstanding as our food. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we back that up with our CrabPlace.com Guarantee."
Greg Cain

Layton's Winery - Planting and Pruning Clinics

2011 Events

Ok, we're getting closer to having Alison's Wonderful Watermelon Wine on the shelf! It's been a lot of fun- picking out the bottle and capsules (Pink!), designing the label, making and tasting the wine! At the end of this month we'll be able to put it all together.  Click HERE to read more.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DelMarVa Eco-Tourism Partners Meeting 1/20/11 - 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

To all, if you are interested in eco-tourism and making Delmarva a destination and not just a place to pass through, don’t miss this meeting.

The next meeting is Thursday, January 20, 2011 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. It will be at Layton's Chance Vineyard and Winery, 4225 New Bridge Rd.,Vienna , MD 21869 www.laytonchance.com 410-228-1205.

PotLuck - Main Course is Chili

If you know any of the people I've invited or have others you think would benefit, please take the time to personally invite them.

Call Stan at 410-749-2886. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Salisbury Cycle and Fitness Joins the Destination DelMarVa Team

Salisbury Cycle & Fitness

1404 S. Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD 21801
Phone: 410-546-4747, 1.866.758.4477
Mon-Fri 9-6 Sat 9-5 Closed Sun
Thinking of buying a new bicycle? One of your first choices, and not necessarily an easy one, will be where to shop. It can be a challenge because there are a myriad of stores that carry two-wheelers, from specialty retailers, to giant department stores, to backyard garage operations.

Where you buy, however, has everything to do with what you get. You see, bicycles aren't like toasters or suitcases. Bikes are shipped in boxes and they must be assembled and tuned.

There are many types, too, and you should never buy until you've figured out which is right for you. Measurements and adjustments are required to ensure the frame is the correct size and that the seat and handlebars are properly positioned. And, every new bicycle will need a minor tune-up after several weeks of use.

What's more, modern road and mountain bikes can travel at high speeds and carry you over demanding terrain where the machine's materials and construction get tested. A quality two-wheeler, carefully assembled and fit to you, will be the safest, most durable and fun bicycle to ride.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend shopping at a good specialty bicycle store in our area. For instance, we hire competent salespeople and expert mechanics who'll ensure that you get the right bike and a quality machine. Look for a store that's clean, has helpful personnel, offers a good selection, and an on-site repair department.